The way I look at the world

There is not much to loose

I see the darkness

And that is how I see the light

What am I afraid of?

Well, not much anymore

You see, living as if life wasn’t a miracle

To me, that would be to live a lie

I suppose that’s the lie that woke me

Because I grew suspicious

I just wouldn’t buy it anymore

And that’s also how I realized

I have no interest in ordinary

So if a tree speaks to me

You bet I will listen

And if your fears try to convince me

Oh no, I will not be persuaded

I wasn’t born to be normal

None of us were

Though most people don’t know this

But I do hope they too will find it out

Sooner rather than later


The Game of Politics


To be perfectly honest I’m having trouble finding the accurate words to tackle this rightfully. I have always thought that politics is one big circus, an incessant histrionic reality show that plays out in front of the eyes of the public, who in turn are too intrigued by it to even question its legitimacy. Instead of switching it off we get stuck in front of all the scandalous conflicts, we casually choose sides and sometimes, if we care enough, cheer on or boo from our comfortable couches- as if these were our only real options. Well, I beg to differ.


What I realize today is that my diminishing the current role of the political system is not truly helpful in obtaining any kind of change in society. Because no matter how much I refuse to acknowledge it and how much I dislike it, politics will continue to rule the world for quite some time. And even if it seems like a destructive merry-go-round to me, it is still one of the biggest institutions that the people of our culture invest their lives and faith in. Yes, I see that. What I wish is to present an option to all of that, or at least the possibility of there being an option to all of that. Simply and humbly, I wish to reveal the opportunity of opening our eyes to alternative ways of living our lives in some sort of harmony with each other.


Like I have said, my intention is not to demonize those who take action by being part of the powerful game of government, because that would in fact simply be joining them in what they do best. I am not looking to oppose anyone because politicians do that regularly very well themselves. They dispute one another sufficiently and therefore I choose not to dispute them. If their game revolves around conflict then I shall do my best to take a conscious step outside their playing field. If they say, “this is the way we are supposed to lead our lives,” I will not say no. What I will do, thought, is to ask: “How can you be so sure?”. I will question them with no presumption other than the fact that a contesting statement could be equally true.


So what is really the difference between my proposition and the ones that color the legislative debate today? I would say it has to do with a distinct difference in worldviews. While any one truly involved in politics is inevitably operating according to a prevailing assumption of how the world came to be the way it is and therefore how it shall be governed, I on the other hand am open to reject or at least investigate such an objectively coherent prevailing assumption. Instead of chasing an axiomatic truth about how to live- like we have done relatively unsuccessfully for centuries now, why don’t we simply start searching for what works well for us?


I think we have such little faith in mankind that we feel the need to guide every living human and all future generations to live in precise accordance to our invented ideologies or else! Better to shut off peoples intuitions before they risk to stray from what is decided to be correct, right? By reasoning this way we are bound to end up in an argument because just as much as we are sure of the truth in our own ideologies, the next one could be just as convinced about the truth of his ideology. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Isn’t this exactly the necessary ingredients for… war?


Maybe, just maybe, we need to shake up our worldview a little. Where has this conviction of being right taken us so far? Has it allowed us to learn from others or has it put us in conflict with them? Has it produced a sense of untidiness or more of an “us-and-them” mindset? Where is our common ground in this sea of differences? The Game of Politics my friends, is it really the only game there is to play…?



Listen to me.

Listen to me as if my voice was your own. Listen to me as if you knew nothing else than the meaning of these words as they are uttered in this instant, as if you had never heard a person speak before. Listen to me as if you understood everything for the very first time, as if you were a child, with no judgment and no fear.


Because these words have been worn out and used by so many before me, I ask you not to let their past cast a shadow upon their light as they are being spoken today. I ask you not to compare them, not to interpret them or translate them- for that would be to ruin them. I simply ask you to listen to the words. Let them be what they are, in this moment, regardless of the countless times their truth has been stolen by corrupted tongues.


I ask you to simply listen. For these words never meant to deceive; only fearful ears can clothe them in convenient disguises. I wish to present them to you stripped down, as they are, in their essence, pure and naked. So listen on as if no lie was ever forced upon your innocent mind, as if no breath of air, no sudden movement, no crack in my voice could spoil the word on its journey from my heart to yours.


Now please, listen to yourself just the way I have asked you to listen to me, and your words will sound like a symphony echoing from within, and you will always recognize the truthful voices of those whom speak their words in harmony with yours. I ask you to listen, simply and truly listen.




If there is one thing I know, it is that I am.

And everything that is, is because of love.

If it wasn´t for love, nothing would be.

I am, because of love.

Without love, I would not be.

I am love.

From love I grow, and in love I keep on growing.


Though it happens that sometimes I forget.

I believe I am this, I believe I am that.

I forget who I am, I forget I am love.

Then someone comes along and reminds me.

They reveal to me who they really are.

They are love.

They remind me who we are.


We forget this and that.

So once again we know, we know that we are.

And everything that is, is because of love.

If it wasn’t for love, nothing would be.

We are because of love,

Without love, we would not be.

We are love.

From love we grow, and in love we keep on growing.



For every unspoken word, the spoken word will sound louder,

And for every undone deed, the done deed will make a stronger impact.

But in a peculiar way,

The silence of an unspoken word can deafen the ears of the listeners,

And the absence of an act can cause an endless chain of reaction.

Thus, he who does not speak holds great power in his silence,

Whilst he who does speak exerts his power over the silent faith.

And he who chooses not to act holds great power in his inaction,

Whilst he who chooses to act exerts his power over idle politics.

So when silence is the enemy let words be the weapon,

And when inaction is the disease let action be the cure.

Because in a rightful way,

For every unspoken word, the spoken word will sound louder,

And for every undone deed, the done deed will make a stronger impact.

Wishing for Poison


I remember whishing for love, to feel it pumping in my veins, pure and simple. But I didn´t know then. I didn´t know I was wishing for poison, for venomous fluid to invade my innocent blood. I didn´t quite understand the complex ways in which it would intoxicate my whole being.

One day I pled, let me know love as if I were its only vessel. Then one day came and I can no longer seem to remember what else I have been but a fragile harbor of love, a faint warrior of the impossible and a brittle messenger of nonsense.

Love came and imposed itself on me leaving me no choice and no voice of my own. On that day, I seem to have forgotten whether it was truly love that imposed itself on me or if I had been the imposer from the very start.

I had no clue that my naïve wish came with chronic confusion. I had no clue I was wishing for an irredeemable condition with symptoms as fatal yet fleeting as the weather.

I asked for love thinking I would finally see but in fact I went completely and absolutely blind. I wished for love and now cannot see, what else was ever there, what else is and what else will ever be?



It is the little than can grow

The unexpected that can surprise

So much we still don’t know

Can only be seen by open eyes

A wonderful sparkling show

With a million wonders in disguise

All the colors of the rainbow

Can quiet childrens cries

Magic is in every flake of snow

In all that walks, swims and flies

Around us everywhere we go

The sun will set but also rise

No matter where the wind will blow

Truth is found in all our lies