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It’s easy to judge honesty. Of course it is. Because honesty, uncensored and raw, brings out fear in us. It awakens the secrets we have buried deep down. It makes the corpses of our lies twist and turn in their well dug graves. It stirs confusion within our organized illusions. It reminds us of our nakedness and vulnerability. It reminds us of the masques we forgot we even wore. It makes us ask questions we forgot we even had the answers to…

and so I ask in the name of truth, and appeal upon the judge inside of me and you:

You call me crazy, but would you have the courage to live as freely as I do?


You call me lazy, but would you have the patience to let the mysteries unfold all the way?
You call me naive, but would you have the faith to believe the truth once it’s there, right in front of you?
You call me morbid, but would you have the strength to face the fears and feel the feelings that lirk inside the darkest of caves?
You call me spoilt, but would you really have the gratitude to accept such abundance?
You call me foolish, but would you have the love to give so thoughtlessly?
You call me a reckless, but would you have the passion to burn so bright?
You can call me anything you wish, but would you be able to be me? Would you have the guts and the heart to live my life as fully as I? To be present, bare footed on the earth I walk upon, every moment of every day, to watch the birds fly and hear them sing, to sit and breathe with the whispers of the wind, to have your thoughts and feelings dance with the noise of roaring boats in the distance, walk with the beams of the sun upon your scarred face? Could you do that and know that all is as it should be, that this is life, perfectly imperfect, nothing more nothing less? Could you write these sentences and smile as heartfelt as I?
Could you be you, as honestly as I am me?
If so, I salute you. For I know the strenght, the courage, the love, the patience, the passion, the gratitude and the faith it takes to be me and live in this everlasting moment of change. So if you do too, I salute you.



The secret to flight is to travel light

To find all, all must first be lost

Such states the law of nothing

One who sees potential in nothingness

Knows the source of everything

Just as in the depths of sound lies silence

All can be done deep down in oblivion

Look to the source and you will see

The invisible eagerly manifesting

When all has yet again vanished

It is all becoming but once more

The exhale makes way for the inhale

Like letting go makes way for the new



 You ask me questions but I have learned they are yours and not mine; therefor I need not to answer them as you wish them to be answered.

I will not tell you the lies you hoped for but in their place I will respectfully hand you the answers that reveal my truth.

I tell you this not with certainty but with courage, not with pride but with humility, and not with vanity but with love.

So if you shall ask, now you know.



Like a queen who bears her crown I bear my heart. I have been granted this heart and it will be my lifelong duty to serve it. It rests heavy in my chest for me to shelter but never to trap. I am not its cage but rather its dutiful servant and safe harbor. I am its peaceful warrior on a mission to fulfill its quiet wish.

If it wasn’t for my heart I would not live nor could the heart live without me. We are bound to each other for as long as we are bound to this life. As companions on this earth we will dance, and as it leads I will follow. Like a compass in my hand it gives me direction where to go. And if it ever were to break it will be because I lost it, I let it down or gave it away. My heart will and shall always belong to me, because it is through me that it is capable of love.

As if I din’t know better


As if I didn’t know better

I play along

I sing their song

But deep inside of me

There’s the way I want to be

The way I am

Like the pearl within the clam

A long road ahead

The one we walk until we’re dead

That moment when we know

That all that is for show

Has no further purpose

If you never go beyond the surface

As if I didn’t know better

I repeat their mistakes

I raise the stakes

And more gets lost

Because love is the cost

A heart made of ice

Is an expensive sacrifice

So I turn back around

And put my feet on the ground

One foot at a time

I take back my crime

Only to find

The greatness left behind

As if I didn’t know better

I play the game

Pretending its all for fame

I join the fools

And play by their rules

But once all of that is gone

And all mistakes have been done

I throw away the trophies on the shelf

And retrieve back into myself

Where it safe for me to be

And from my eyes I can now see

That true dreams don’t shatter

And false ones don’t matter



The way I look at the world

There is not much to loose

I see the darkness

And that is how I see the light

What am I afraid of?

Well, not much anymore

You see, living as if life wasn’t a miracle

To me, that would be to live a lie

I suppose that’s the lie that woke me

Because I grew suspicious

I just wouldn’t buy it anymore

And that’s also how I realized

I have no interest in ordinary

So if a tree speaks to me

You bet I will listen

And if your fears try to convince me

Oh no, I will not be persuaded

I wasn’t born to be normal

None of us were

Though most people don’t know this

But I do hope they too will find it out

Sooner rather than later


Dearest friends, family and others,

I think most of you that are close to me have probably already read my article that was published in Elephant Journal recently and I was overjoyed to get such great responses from so many. Immediately I sat down to write some more and tried over and over to get something published again. You should know it isn’t so easy. After several refusals from online magazines but even more requests from friends and family to keep on sharing my ‘works’ (to use an overly ambitious word maybe), I decided to create this blog once and for all. Sharing my words publicly this way is not really something I have done before but I hope it will be to both mine and your benefit.

If you didn’t already read the article or if you wish to read again, here it is: True Success: Real Teachers & Big Dreams. Enjoy!

Simplicity Beach, Pondicherry, INDIA

Simplicity Beach, Pondicherry, INDIA