Accept this love


Take the love I give you, I ask nothing in return

Let it heal your wounds and make you remember

Embrace this lifetime and come back to life

Awake from your slumber and look into my eyes

Yes, you always knew but I shall keep repeating

I will keep on singing until you sing along

Please do not worry for there’s nothing to fear

The damage that was done can be undone

Just take the love I give, and keep in your heart.




Come find me,

Come find me and I’ll show you,

I’ll show you the void,

The void that’s inside of me,

Inside of me there’s plenty of space,

There’s plenty of space for you too,

For you too to grow,

To grow like I have grown,

I have grown so you can find me,

So you can find me and I’ll show you,

I’ll show you what fills me up,

What fills me up and what grows within,

And what grows within is love,

Is love what you came to find?

What you came to find I’ll show you,

I’ll show you.

Distorted kind of love


Their love was the distorted kind of love, but like all love, it was beautiful in essence. They thought that letting go would be a sign of weakness and lack of love, while the opposite would have been true. Letting go would enhance their love, it would move it from the distorted extreme and take it back to its center. Because that can happen to love, that it gets stolen from the heart and placed in the craving fingertips of greed, or even worse in the ugliness of the mind. All that their love really wished for was to get back home to the heart, but it happens all the time, people get confused and pure love becomes polluted by fear. So when love turns distorted, it must be released so that it stands a chance, so it will find its way back to where it belongs. But they lost faith in love, and kept it trapped where it could do no good. Now their love sings a melancholic song, waiting to be heard so that one day it may soar free and sing happily once again.