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Are you feeling it too? The download. Cause that’s really what it is isn’t it? It’s a time to come face to face with the programs and belief systems that have been running the show. We have to slow everything down, become aware so that we may open up and create enough space to get a glimpse of the upgrades and when we’re ready- ignite the download. And how to know we’re ready? We just know don’t we. It’s a deep knowing. Like somewhere in that back of the mind there was always the vision of this day coming and we’ve been preparing for it for so long that there just ain’t no such thing as backing down. Not because it’s do or die but because it all just is. And it’s more about accepting rather than making it happen. I know, it’s exhausting me too. And if you’re reading this and you know what I’m talking about then congratulations. Not because it’s challenging and all that but congratulations on getting to this point. It is a milestone even though it may not look like much right now. As with most things, we don’t realise the grandeur of it until it has past. And this might just be one of those things. It is one of those things.

Now there’s a voice inside of you just like mine that says all these things. The interesting thing is it never stops yet we don’t always hear it. Why is that? Blockages. So here’s to facing the blockages to let the stream back in. The stream of consciousness. The flow of love. The voice of the soul. That shit never gets old. It’s always updated with the latest news. It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t know how to. If it sounds like a bunch of gibberish it’s most likely because we’re carrying around a lot of judgement, fear and other kinds of conditions from the past. And that’s all fine cause that’s really what we’re here for. To clear that. To heal. To uncover truth bit by bit. We can’t just blow all the covers all at once, that would be no fun would it. It’s like a good story. There needs to be a build up. Small subliminal messages along the path. Clues. Signs. You start guessing, assuming, doubting, then you know, then you know that you know. And so on. It’s really much like a game. Anyways it’s not a curse, contrary to common beliefs. It is in fact the way we have chosen it to be. And by “we” I really mean “I” as in the one consciousness, God, the beingness itself or whatever we choose to call it. Anyways why choose a name for it. All of our names, words and labels are just synonyms, reflections of IT as well as IT.

Right, what I’m saying is- clear the channel. Let the voice be heard. Listen to it. Notice if you drown it out and then allow that behaviour that causes it to be drowned out to be let go of. Replace it by more presence. Presence is everything. So as often as you can. Come back to yourself. Forget what that means in terms of the future, and allow it to be what it is right now. There’s no right or wrong. What you’re experiencing is valid. Don’t look for external validation. It will most definitely come to you as soon as you start validating yourself. Realising that you are one with source and that your messages are invaluable pieces of God that are worthy of your attention and love. Basically, YOU are worthy of your own attention and love. That being said, there is no rush. There is no need to panic. One deep breath is sometimes enough to come back. To be present again. So do that and see what happens. Let the present unfold and be happy about it. Don’t judge, don’t assume the consequences, don’t be afraid. But if you must fear and judge and all that, then be aware. Watch it happen and know it’s okay. Remember, the voice inside, the spirit, is unbreakable. It is the rest that will shatter and collapse upon itself. And while it does. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others and most of all love. Love yourself a little more with every breath. Try it. There’s absolutely nothing to loose. And so, so much to win.

Today is one of those days. A day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You might as well be here to experience it. LOVE -A


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