In the society that I have been raised, things and also even us people have to ‘sell’ in order to have any professed value on the market that is our lives, and in order for products to sell well they most importantly have to look good…

I never cease to be stunned by how obsessed we all are with appearances. It is as if we close the doors to our own houses and pretend that what the neighbors see from theirs is all there is to us; but I know that most of us know and feel that there is more to us than the image that we try to portray and the little of it that others manage to perceive.

 True happiness does not grow from beautiful images but true happiness does grow from a beautiful reality. And isn’t that all we actually need to realize: that reality is beautiful and that we don’t need to change it in order to create an illusion of beauty. Beauty is and needs not to be created, shaved, slimmed down, pumped up or edited in Photoshop. Our western minds have been intruded by ideals and illusions of perfection resting on facades and concealments for far too long.

 Look at a tree and you will see that the perfection does not simply rely on the fact that the leaves are a certain shade of green; a tree is perfect by the sheer fact that is exists, that it has grown and that it stands proud through the seasons just as it is. Why should our bodies be looked at any differently? We were born to develop into the physical bodies that we have all been blessed to have so what is the point of always retouching everything that is intrinsically beautiful just because our minds are too clouded by norms and culturally transmitted values to see this blessing? Are we really that afraid of simply being, unedited, just as we are…?

 Yes today I have let my frustration slip through my fingers right down to the keyboard so that it can trickle out to anyone that is even beginning to be sickened by this human desire to twist and turn what is raw and unique only to make it dull and conventional and bend and break what is honest and whole.

 They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if we rely on that, I am afraid that there is little beauty left in the world because there are just too few beholders that are inclined to acknowledge the beauty that I am talking about. I suggest we take a little break from making our self into an attractive brand only to fit in and sell in a market that only pays in lies- because no, it will not make us happy. I suggest that we, for once, take off our distorted capitalist glasses and take a moment to genuinely see, from a place within our self, the beautiful place within us all.


Who am I?


It is the question that we all strive to answer and that impacts every aspect of our lives. Consciously or unconsciously we are constantly searching for the answer of this immense question. When we are unconscious of it we go about our daily lives always trying to create the answer to this question, trying to create who we are by association, comparison and definition. Once we are conscious of the fact that we are indeed actually searching for the answer to this question we instead begin to look for it in a more resolute and mindful way. Slowly the realization comes that we’ve most probably been searching in the wrong places, often places outside of our physical body, in other people, in job titles or family roles etc. So the automatic response becomes to start searching within the self, within the own body and mind causing one to stop trying to define oneself through the eyes of others and identifying with secluded groups and such. We become more open to the many possibilities of what this important question’s answer might be. We also become more aware of what actually constitutes the self… but we cannot yet fully answer the question of ‘who am I?’ until we have plunged so deep within our self that we find the well that connects us to the gigantic ocean where we are all one with all living things. 


Skärmavbild 2014-05-19 kl. 3.21.27 PMLet me gather my thoughts for a second. I’ve been home from India for a week now and although it’s been great to come home I feel like I am slowly but surely being pulled apart again. India introduced me to myself again and I was happy to finally get well acquainted with this familiar being. I’ve always been close to myself, which maybe made it easier for me to actually understand the process that was proceeding inside of me. What a cliché, you might think, to find oneself in India. Sure, but what an amazing one to have been able to experience, I say! The thing with clichés is that they would never have become famous in the first place if there hadn’t been any truth to them. So now I tell you, finding yourself is possible- but only if you are willing to give up and loose all expectations of what or who it is you will find in the search for yourself. Everything you ever learned has to be unlearned and everything you ever thought has to be carefully questioned. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to never loose yourself on a superficial path, only follow the outward path that will lead you inwards, that’s where the darkness is, that’s where you spring from and that’s where you need to shed the light. My external path led me to India, which in turn led me to what I might call: myself. So now, because I hold myself very dearly, it is my mission not to loose myself again. Just because I’ve been to the dark hollows of my existence and shed the light of love and acceptance into everything I was bound to find it doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park to keep on doing so for the rest of my earthly life. It is almost certain that I will make one or two faux pas here and there but now that I have been here, centered in my own being, I will always know where to strive to get back to. Balance is not a single spot in between two separate oppositions; balance is a space between two poles within the same sphere and organism; it is the place within us all where all conflicting extremes merge into each other and become one; the one and only place where we can coexist with all other beings on the exact same premises, in total harmony. It’s that same moment when day meets night and night meets day, in every sunrise and every sunset. The fact that day and night are separate is only a mind-based illusion, in fact- in every moment of the day, the sun crosses yet another horizon.


Skärmavbild 2014-05-20 kl. 5.51.15 PMThe truth is, I am going to die. The truth is, we are all going to die. This is what life has taught me, that I will die. With this realization, a part of me is already beginning to die. But it’s okay. That’s how it’s supposed to be. We can go about our whole lives trying to ignore this simple truth but in fact it will not make us any happier, only more deluded. There is great fear in disappearing, in realizing that something will happen to you that will make you cease as you. It’s scary because we can’t understand it, because we refuse to understand it. We hold on tight to everything that can prove our existence but in the end none of that matters. Realizing that is part of dying. Letting go is a sort of reconciliation with death. Death can seem like an end but it is only the end of attachment. Death is detachment from the illusion of the mind and the limitations of the physical body. Death is in one part a separation and in another a fusion. Things only seem to disappear when they unite with something bigger than themselves.