I see miracles all around. I see them everywhere, all the time. I see the change that is happening in the world. I see it because it is happening to me, it is happening through me. And I smile because I sense a vast growing number of people who share this blessed perspective of the world. Less and less preoccupied with the delusion of what life ought to be and more and more sensitive to what life truly is. I see people undressing from their encumbering masques, daring a little more everyday to break open and allow their inner being to lead the way and shed light. I see myself, no longer the suffering seed aching to crack in the dark of the soil but rather the simple majestic flower happily facing the sun and swaying in the wind. I see this happening and I am astounded. I hear of the tragedies in the world but in my eyes none can seem to overshadow the positive changes taking place in the sacred space of this present time. Concept of past and future is trickling away as everything becomes a simultaneous process of evolution, an unstoppable growth into yet unknown dimension. Every moment is that miracle, bursting with overflowing love for all to indulge in unapologetically. Yes I see it all now. I see miracles all around me and it brings an infinite smile to my being. I bow down to the divinity around and within, gratefully accepting this gift that keeps on giving. And this is how I give back, by never aiming to impede this magical development of life force but by being its very vessel and honest reflection. I am the change, and therefore I receive. I am the miracle, and therefore I am thankful. I see miracles all around. I see them everywhere, all the time.




The way I look at the world

There is not much to loose

I see the darkness

And that is how I see the light

What am I afraid of?

Well, not much anymore

You see, living as if life wasn’t a miracle

To me, that would be to live a lie

I suppose that’s the lie that woke me

Because I grew suspicious

I just wouldn’t buy it anymore

And that’s also how I realized

I have no interest in ordinary

So if a tree speaks to me

You bet I will listen

And if your fears try to convince me

Oh no, I will not be persuaded

I wasn’t born to be normal

None of us were

Though most people don’t know this

But I do hope they too will find it out

Sooner rather than later