Forget everything you think you know about sex. There is no such thing. All these ideas you have, they will only limit you in the practice of what it really is. It is not at all what your mind makes it out to be. Your mind may know the basics of it, but don’t trust your mind to lead you through it or you will miss out completely. It is not something we can truly know anything about until we are right there in the very moment. Let’s call it intimacy. Let’s call it intimacy because intimacy does not entail all those preconceived ideas that you may have about sex. Sex is too loaded. Loaded with expectations and weight that will undo what sex is meant to do in the first place. It is meant to bring us closer together but done carelessly it only brings us further apart. Intimacy, on the other hand, seldom fails to bring us closer. Intimacy opens up doors that we may not even be aware of having kept so closed. Sex may burst open jammed doors but when done with too much force, that door is bound to go back shut harder again. We must be wise in our movements, just as we are with our words. If we want to enjoy the full range of pleasure that our bodies can offer then we must be ready to explore consciously and step out of our habitual patterns. We must be prepared to move and to be moved in ways never before imagined. Only this way will we feel the bliss that has been kept secret to us by the conditions of our minds. This way we will know sex, not as we expect it to be, but as it truly has the potential to be. This way we are innovators rather than mere reproducers. This way, humanity can evolve through the magnificence of its own vehicle, instead of violently abusing it. Let’s open our minds to the potential genius of our bodies and find the treasures we all hold within. -A