I have this wise woman in me that keeps saying I hold the answers to all of my questions. But sometimes I just find it hard to beleive her. I mean She says I know but then She says no more. She just points right back at me as soon as I start looking elsewhere for guidance. But then I look at myself and I can’t seem to figure it out. I just don’t see it. Or maybe I’m not really looking. Maybe I’m actually, more or less unconsciously, looking away. Maybe as She points back at me I close my eyes. Maybe I’m slightly afraid to actually look and see. So what am I so afraid of? What am I resisting to see? They say it’s our light that scares us the most. But I really thought I had embraced my light. I thought I had realized how amazingly wonderful I am. But there is something more. There is definitely something more. Hmm. Light. Light and shine. These are maybe two different things. It’s one thing to be full of light, and another to shine. And I have failed to see how I shine. I don’t see it. Intellectually, I get it. But to wholeheartedly actually feel and see it… No I can’t say I do. But I’m understanding this now, with body, mind and soul, that maybe I do shine. Maybe I shine really really bright. Maybe my shine is extraordinary. Maybe it runs through my veins and radiates with every movement I make and every breath I take. And when I am still, maybe my skin even glows. And I have failed miserabla to see that. Maybe I don’t just shine. Maybe I glow. Maybe my shine is so effortless that I, in my very existence, am always glowing. Maybe the reason why I’ve closed my eyes is because I’ve been afraid to be blinded, to burn my eyes with the intensity of my own light, shine and glow. Maybe the completedness of my light has had me intimidated. But now I’m being told it isn’t dangerous. And that I should look. I have to. I must see or else there is no reason. All these people will reflect this glow right back and I won’t see it. I’ll look away everytime if I’m not prepared to see myself. I’ll run. I’ll avoid all human contact only to avoid seeing the beauty of my own light mirrored in the eyes of these people. But I can’t keep doing that. I don’t want to. I want to be able to look and I want to actually see. I want to see it in me and I want to show it to you. I want you to see it in me so you can see it in you too. I want to let go. I want to let go of resistance. So I let go. I let go and I embrace. I embrace light, shine and glow. I embrace pure divinity as my true nature. I embrace effortless beauty as the very essence of my being. I embrace myself, an angel of light, shining Goddess, ceaselessly glowing in the name of Love. -A