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I got sick, terribly sick. Sick of hiding and holding myself back. Yes, truly, it made me ill in every sense. And then when I stood back up to heal, they turned their eyes to me and saw. And what they saw it scared them. So much so  they tried to beat me black and blue. Though my colors never changed, I do see I was born to break. Break the shell of fear, that we impose upon ourselves. I am not the sickness, though it held me tight for long. No, me I am the remedy. The cure from all their lies. I think the word is truth. But I’m sure it won’t suffice, to show what grows inside it. To reveal all that it is. But my life is the tool, to awaken just all that. Whatever it might be. And put to sleep what it is not. For all that I now forgive, and allow to slip away. So yes, that is why I won’t be hid again. For here I stand in light of love and truth. Stripping off the sickness, healing in the nude.




Listen to me.

Listen to me as if my voice was your own. Listen to me as if you knew nothing else than the meaning of these words as they are uttered in this instant, as if you had never heard a person speak before. Listen to me as if you understood everything for the very first time, as if you were a child, with no judgment and no fear.


Because these words have been worn out and used by so many before me, I ask you not to let their past cast a shadow upon their light as they are being spoken today. I ask you not to compare them, not to interpret them or translate them- for that would be to ruin them. I simply ask you to listen to the words. Let them be what they are, in this moment, regardless of the countless times their truth has been stolen by corrupted tongues.


I ask you to simply listen. For these words never meant to deceive; only fearful ears can clothe them in convenient disguises. I wish to present them to you stripped down, as they are, in their essence, pure and naked. So listen on as if no lie was ever forced upon your innocent mind, as if no breath of air, no sudden movement, no crack in my voice could spoil the word on its journey from my heart to yours.


Now please, listen to yourself just the way I have asked you to listen to me, and your words will sound like a symphony echoing from within, and you will always recognize the truthful voices of those whom speak their words in harmony with yours. I ask you to listen, simply and truly listen.



For every unspoken word, the spoken word will sound louder,

And for every undone deed, the done deed will make a stronger impact.

But in a peculiar way,

The silence of an unspoken word can deafen the ears of the listeners,

And the absence of an act can cause an endless chain of reaction.

Thus, he who does not speak holds great power in his silence,

Whilst he who does speak exerts his power over the silent faith.

And he who chooses not to act holds great power in his inaction,

Whilst he who chooses to act exerts his power over idle politics.

So when silence is the enemy let words be the weapon,

And when inaction is the disease let action be the cure.

Because in a rightful way,

For every unspoken word, the spoken word will sound louder,

And for every undone deed, the done deed will make a stronger impact.