Reading the signs


These days are powerful indeed. The moon has been conspiring to make things happen for a while now and it’s all making itself felt. Yesterday I proclaimed myself ready, as ready as I’ll ever be. This is indeed a time to trust yourself in the ways you have dreamed to create the reality you perceive. I’ve always been a dreamer, and honestly, whoever says they’re not are just not fully aware of how they too are dreaming up their own world, however mundane it may seem. I saw a ladybug yesterday, and then today I saw a chipmunk. Understanding that the world communicates with itself in mysterious ways I decided to look up the symbolism of these two animals as totems. On this International Women’s day, at exactly 11.11 I read “If you see a ladybug and a chipmunk together,magic is in the air, you can be sure the universe is conspiring on your behalf in serendipitous ways”. And so, I remain a dreamer. I remain in love with myself, in full faith of what I myself as co-creator of my reality have destined for myself. I’ll make my wish explicit. I wish for my voice to be heard, to echo through this world with all the love that it holds. I wish to reveal myself as the soul that I am and share the happiness that I have found to be so persistent throughout all my endeavors and challenges on this mighty planet. I wish to indulge in the pleasures of creativity and inspire the world as it has inspired me. I wish to walk this path with full confident and peace, never doubting the importance and purity of my every move. I wish to sing with full force the songs that resonate in my soul and of those around me, dance freely to the music that is in me with all of those who wish to join, bleed ink into words as if there was no tomorrow for all who wish to read, speak loudly for all who wish to hear the stories that have molded my being, smile and laugh with innocence at everything that comes my way. I wish to shine the light that I am for everyone to see themselves in me, and for me to see myself in all. I wish for balanced companionship, harmony, simplicity and joy, for abundance of love, ascending evolution manifested in all. I wish to be me, beautiful, limitless and entirely free, to vibrate the language of bliss wherever I go, to ripple out all that I am with the pure intent of being touched right back by all that I am. This is my wish. I am grateful. I am love. I am me. I am free. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. -A





I have never really taken a stand on feminist questions. Many would say I have been a very bad feminist and I must agree. I, as many others, have been ignorant for a long time. I always saw feminism as a radical group of females that hate men but I have learned that I’ve only been able to see a very little part of the truth, either because that is what was easiest or maybe also because my society made sure that I stayed partially blind to what feminism really means. Because the word ‘feminism’ is directly related to the word femininity many tend to disregard the question of feminism as an exclusively women’s issue yet that is a fatal misunderstanding of the concept. From what I have now learned feminism stands not only for the right of women but for all of humanity, both the minorities and the majorities. Feminism draws upon the simple yet crucial idea that we are all equal and deserve equal treatment and equal rights. Some of us live in the illusion that equality amongst all is already a fact; just because it seems like such an established value we think it subsists in most places but that is still not how the world looks today. There is still a great lack of acknowledgement of the suffering of so many, no matter gender, age, race and so forth, and if it is not of our direct concern it should moreover be. If we paid a little more attention to the world around us we would see that it is not as just as some of us grow up to believe it is. We would also notice that actions that our society makes us believe does good might not always be sufficient to really do something about the ever so present inequalities of today. Women (and of course many other) of the world have suffered from ignorance for very long and it is time that this ignorance is destroyed once and for all. According to Hindu belief; there is no pure evil but only ignorance and therefore it is our responsibility to wake up from this ignorance and educate our self to create the equal world that we speak so highly of but see so little of.  I think there is much to be learnt and much more to be done…