Dearest friends, family and others,

I think most of you that are close to me have probably already read my article that was published in Elephant Journal recently and I was overjoyed to get such great responses from so many. Immediately I sat down to write some more and tried over and over to get something published again. You should know it isn’t so easy. After several refusals from online magazines but even more requests from friends and family to keep on sharing my ‘works’ (to use an overly ambitious word maybe), I decided to create this blog once and for all. Sharing my words publicly this way is not really something I have done before but I hope it will be to both mine and your benefit.

If you didn’t already read the article or if you wish to read again, here it is: True Success: Real Teachers & Big Dreams. Enjoy!

Simplicity Beach, Pondicherry, INDIA

Simplicity Beach, Pondicherry, INDIA