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If you are looking for the easy way out, searching for a quick fix, I’ll tell you- you have come to the wrong place.

This door might be wide open, but it leads you down the rabbit whole.

To me it’s all the same though, I’ve been there many times.

But I warn you if you choose to enter, be prepared and let it all just go.

Let the brick walls of your mind collapse and your soul spiral away.

Be as open as the door that let you in.

Because if you are not, and you choose to see only what your mind was set to see, you will be fiercly blinded.

And more than that, the hole in which you fall will as bottomless as you expect.

And so your fears will keep extending, into that infinite black hole.

But if you come here looking for truth, prepared with all your courage, faith and love, then please my love- do enter.

And you shall see that as you fall you rise up high, and the pit you feared to enter is one with great reward.

And so long you keep your eyes wide open, no beauty shall be lost.

For if you trust and know your heart, you’ll know to love confusion as a deeply crucial part. 




I see now

What you ask is out-of-date

It can’t be done

And that is how you had me working like a dog

Doing what couldn’t be done

But now when you keep asking I must tell you

That what you ask has already been done

And therefore you must retire

You had me under close watch

With my best interest in mind

Because true it is that I needed you then

And you pushed me well and far

But today I have been pushed as far as can be done

So from here on out I am bound to make it

Which is why I do not need you any longer

We both do deserve a good rest

You did your job with splendor

And I too always did my best

So let us shake hands in peace today

For what we were striving for has now been achieved

The time has come to realize

The finish line is crossed

Your schooling days are over

Even way past due

Pushing further would only be upsetting

It would lead me back astray

All this hard work

So that now you can sit back

See me take it in

For what remains is but acceptance

Of a job finally accomplished

So let us not resist this ending cycle

But be grateful for its success

No need for more regrets or worries

Just a cause for celebration

For here begins the new.



Dormant was the angel in me

Now she is raging

No longer sound asleep

But still tied up in chains

Who am I to hold her back?

When it seems she can’t be put down

No amnesia strong enough

To make it disappear

Her wings aching

Longing to be freed

The pain I cause this being

Of light so pure and bright

Kept in the dark

She longs for fresh air

Yet all I can acquire

Is the rotten scent of fear

No I didn’t mean to be so cruel

This was what I learned to do

Keep her down down

Do not awaken her soul

The sleeping beauty inside

Hold back

Hold back tight

Her crown is way too bright

It will blind you

Corrupt you that’s for sure

But now I know

The lies began so long ago

Perverted was my mind

By the rulers of the frightful

And only now I see

With much more clarity

Just what was really kept from me

A vision of a tortured angel

Locked in their despair

And now my ears are bleeding

For I hear much louder how

The cries they tried to drown

Of a desolate bewildered spirit

Longs for my embrace

In such agony and pain

No I refuse to say

She sings her song in vain

Even if it scares me

I intend to cut the chains

Free at last she will be

You just wait and see.



I know we are all very preoccupied with our own lives and all the worries they might seem to or actually do entail. I know all people carry their own burdens and taking on other people’s burdens might seem impossible and undesirable at times. But I have this theory, it’s very simple but it has proved itself to be true for me over and over so I’d like you to at least consider it… it derives from a Swedish saying with just a little extra added to it and it goes like this: Shared joy is double the joy and shared pain is half the pain.


Living temporarily in India causes me to face issues that aren’t even in my repertoire of possible struggles in my own life. I don’t walk around begging for food and neither do I sleep on the pavement right next to a dumpster. The contrast between the comfort of my own life and the hardships of so many others’ is ever present and so apparent only by stepping out of my apartment…


If we could only take a little break from our rushed lives to step back and observe what we usually consider as our problems with a little more perspective and awareness than usual, we would probably notice that the things we classify as our ‘problems’ maybe won’t seem so big after all. And once we can see that our survival doesn’t depend on, say, our choice of outfit for the evening we can more easily acknowledge other people’s issues. Once we do this it gets harder to ignore when other’s are suffering because we have allowed them to be part of our circle of empathy- a circle that is meant to grow constantly in time and space- and we can help to relieve them by letting them share their pain and then rejoice by receiving their shared happiness.


I’m not saying we need to take on all the problems of the world and let them weigh us down but only that we need to allow ourselves to realize what we can actually do for others and also what others can do for us. It is a process of realizing that we are not alone, in fact we cannot be truly alone because non of us really are separate from each other unless we unconsciously or consciously create and uphold those imaginary boundaries in our minds. So actually, when we help another we help our self and when we help our self through them, automatically we are more inclined to help them. It is a cycle of positivity where happiness gets multiplied and suffering gets divided. It might sound like a childish utopian dream but I beg to assert that this way of thinking (and consequently acting) will necessarily have desired outcomes for every one, included whoever we consider ‘our self’.


However cliché it might sound this theory resonates with truth to the fact that no man is an island. We do rely on each other’s happiness. So if we could only reflect upon our lives with greater awareness for a second, and acknowledge through this slight shift of perspective what changes could be done in our not-so-often-questioned daily lives so that we can all cooperate in moving in a direction that everyone holds as something desirable for our selves and all our fellow beings.