Hey. I really don’t mean to ruin your day but… then again, maybe I do. Because honestly I can’t really afford to stop and worry about what you will think of me. It isn’t the biggest of my problems. I have to ruin your day. Because maybe that’s what it takes for you to put your day in perspective, to understand what a day really is. Because as you prepare for this new day as if it were just an ordinary day, one in a seemingly endless row of days cramped with unprocessed emotional residue from the past, fatal things are happening. The residue causes unconscious behavior further motivated by an unachievable future ideal that has been imprinted in your mind by society, and all the while… humanity is, not so slowly anymore, committing mass suicide. Every minute, heck, every second that we spend either stuck in the past or escaping to the future through our minds, we miss a chance at individual and collective redemption and instead contribute to the growth of dysfunction in ourselves and the world. Each and every one of us is responsible for the restoration of balance within us in order to create that balance in the world around us as well. We need to realize this with the sense of urgency that is required for us to act upon it as quickly as possible. Every moment is a battle between the forces and it is in our hands to even things out and reinstate harmony in the world. It is doable but it necessitates our full conviction and dedication. I pledge allegiance to the utopian reality that is available to us through enlightenment and love in every present moment. Will you too?




 In the society that I have been raised, things and also even us people have to ‘sell’ in order to have any professed value on the market that is our lives, and in order for products to sell well they most importantly have to look good…

I never cease to be stunned by how obsessed we all are with appearances. It is as if we close the doors to our own houses and pretend that what the neighbors see from theirs is all there is to us; but I know that most of us know and feel that there is more to us than the image that we try to portray and the little of it that others manage to perceive.

 True happiness does not grow from beautiful images but true happiness does grow from a beautiful reality. And isn’t that all we actually need to realize: that reality is beautiful and that we don’t need to change it in order to create an illusion of beauty. Beauty is and needs not to be created, shaved, slimmed down, pumped up or edited in Photoshop. Our western minds have been intruded by ideals and illusions of perfection resting on facades and concealments for far too long.

 Look at a tree and you will see that the perfection does not simply rely on the fact that the leaves are a certain shade of green; a tree is perfect by the sheer fact that is exists, that it has grown and that it stands proud through the seasons just as it is. Why should our bodies be looked at any differently? We were born to develop into the physical bodies that we have all been blessed to have so what is the point of always retouching everything that is intrinsically beautiful just because our minds are too clouded by norms and culturally transmitted values to see this blessing? Are we really that afraid of simply being, unedited, just as we are…?

 Yes today I have let my frustration slip through my fingers right down to the keyboard so that it can trickle out to anyone that is even beginning to be sickened by this human desire to twist and turn what is raw and unique only to make it dull and conventional and bend and break what is honest and whole.

 They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if we rely on that, I am afraid that there is little beauty left in the world because there are just too few beholders that are inclined to acknowledge the beauty that I am talking about. I suggest we take a little break from making our self into an attractive brand only to fit in and sell in a market that only pays in lies- because no, it will not make us happy. I suggest that we, for once, take off our distorted capitalist glasses and take a moment to genuinely see, from a place within our self, the beautiful place within us all.


Skärmavbild 2014-03-22 kl. 7.16.40 AM

I would like to make a quite controversial statement and claim that in the same way that the educational institution tends to educate children away from their spontaneous creativity, society as an institution educates us all away from knowing what our basic needs really are.

The capitalist systems survival rests on creating addictions as to ensure a steady monetary gain. It thus has to make consumers believe that we need more than we actually need, because how else would there be economical growth? What I’m saying is that with this capitalist system as the main institution of learning that it actually is, we are taught to stop reflecting upon what our actual basic needs are. We are taught to want more and to believe that we actually need more. Capitalism uses the things that we actually do feel a natural need for such as food, sex, clothes etc. and amplifies this need by exposing us to brainwashing continuous waves of advertisement that more or less unconsciously enter our minds and teaches us to want more.

With the amount of sex that we are exposed to in our daily lives from series, movies, commercials, magazines and so forth, how do we remember how much sex we really need? Acknowledging that sex is a basic human need, are we really meant to be as sexual as we are portrayed by the agencies that are trying to make money out of us? And with the amount of food choices, pictures of different foods everywhere we go, the ever-growing interest in cooking and so forth, how much food do we really need? Also acknowledging of course that food is a basic human need, are we really meant to focus that much of our attention on food for such a huge percentage of the day? And with the contradicting image of the ideal body, how do we ever avoid feeling guilty when we constantly exceed our needs and instead go far below them to a point that we become sick? How do we even remember what we really do need? Again with clothes or even anything that is being sold to us, with the constant flow of advertisement, how do we realize when we have too much?

The ways in which industries sell their products to us might seem subtle but in fact they only seem that way because we have internalized their values as our own values without even questioning them. We have been taught to forget about the own sense of ‘enough’ in order to be a good consumer in this society. Unconsciously we contribute to the survival and growth of the capitalist system believing somehow it is good yet it completely blinding to our needs as individuals and devastating to the majority of the worlds population and also of course to the environment. It creates a mass of non-thinkers, an institution in itself that regulates its subjects according to imagined needs created by the greedy for the sole purpose of making more than enough money. Sure, money has become a basic need to survive in this society but what is really money except the value we put into it? So how do we go back to knowing how much money we really need, without being psychologically attacked by the medias portrayal of an ideal life in wealth? How do we draw the line when we are taught that the line is never to be drawn?

Even if it seems like, as we become more and more secular and scientifically oriented, we are more likely to think for ourselves many of us fall into the trap and become part of a new mass even if this one is more selfish than many religious masses. We replace one institution by another and let ourselves be fed and convinced again and again. So how do we do?

We start questioning. We start unlearning. We start stripping ourselves from what we have taken on that does not initially belong to us. We listen to within instead of without. We learn to know ourselves first; before we get convinced that what the moneymakers want us to do is also what we want to do.  There needs to be a silencing of the constant feed from outside so that the individual voices can start being heard even by the ones the voices come from. We need to find a sanctuary for us and only us where we don’t allow the feed to be internalized and fool us all.

Perhaps some meditation?